Our Team

Dan Waschow, Managing Partner, Waschow Consulting


Managing Partner and CRM guru.  He is the dreamer of the group, in all seriousness!  It is as if the spatial constraints do not apply to him - he makes the theoretical possible for clients.

Vicki the "Task Master"


Project Manager and Realist.  She is the realist of the group and makes sure that scope creep does not impede our success.  On the lighter side she is the nice one of the group, so any questions, contact her!

Birgitta and her love for food!


Food Enthusiast and UX Tester.  While a millennial, technology does not come intuitively to her.  Therefore, she is the perfect person to test out new solutions and enhancements or the newest restaurant in town!


William Sales Director


 Sales Director and "Old Dog".  This old dog can be taught new tricks, and so can your company.  Willie brings his 40 years of sales and customer service experience to WC to be an advocate for small businesses and the need to embrace digital marketing and CRM technology to increase sales for your company.   By his own admission, he did not grow up around technology but has learned to love automation, and wishes to empower you to do the same!

Ken, Education, High Schools


Chief Education Officer and best trivia partner.  Given his extensive background as SVP for Admission and Financial Aid of a Wisconsin University, he is the perfect person to lead our education charge.  Plus his random knowledge makes for exciting conversations and great trivia team member.  

Karena Monson Chief Marketing Officer


Chief Marketing Officer and Fitness Goddess.  Being a collegiate basketball star and having many certifications in Athletic Training/Personal Training/Fitness Karena is our resident expert on personal fitness as well as our marketing genius for GYMs and the Fitness Industry.