Businesses that we work with

Set up your Company Legally


I'm ashamed to admit that I set up my LLC using a "helpful" online resource.  BIG MISTAKE.  Let KKOS set up your entity and don't worry about a thing.  

Buy a Domain


We use

Buy an Email


If you are considering a CRM, might want to see if you can buy from the same company.  Otherwise, GoDaddy can sell you one

Set up a Free Constant Contact account


You will get a limited number of emails and campaigns for free.  Great place to start and it integrates with many CRM's

Buy a CRM


We prefer Dynamics 365, but Salesforce and Hubspot can be very popular.  Check out our blog for our experience with the three.  Don't forget we sell Microsoft products if you need!

Live Chat or ChatBot


You already know this, the faster you can connect, the higher your conversion and customer satisfaction.  We use found out about AriBot, which is free to get started and can schedule meetings, capture leads, etc with minimal setup.  Check out our blog post for what we are doing with AriBot.

Design Your Logo

Create and Design a Logo Free

Who need expensive designers?  Tailor Brands will design your logo and let you customize it for free.  Once you are happy with the logo, you can purchase the rights to the logo for a small fee and will include a bunch of different versions of your logo.  

Schedule Your Social Media Posts


TailorSocial will help design social media posts with a wide arrange of tools: blog posts, inspirational posts, exciting articles, trending topics, etc, that are fully customizable to your needs.

Remove Background of Images


Even if you are tech-illiterate this free software can remove the background of images FREE in seconds

Connect Multiple Softwares


We get it, you have a great idea/product/service but need affordable tech solutions that all work together.  Zapier is a technology software that helps move data between software applications for free or low cost depending on what softwares you are trying to connect with little to no coding.  

Stock Images


Who has the money or time to do a photoshoot or buy stock images.  

Display their FAQs


Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.